VARMSEN - systemy izolacji do budowy kominka


VARMSEN® BASE scratch primer

Ready to use. Intended as a primer that improves adherence to VARMSEN® fireplace board and for further layers of the system. May also be applied to typical construction substrates only if direct contact between the preparation and mineral components of the substrate is possible. The primer does not contain solvents and reinforces VARMSEN® fireplace board and further layers of the system, as well as equalises their absorbency. It features high water vapour permeability. It restricts the production of efflorescence.

Technical parameters

Chemical composition Potassium glass, silicone agent, water
Bulk density approx. 1,30 g/cm3
Application temperature +50°C do +250°C
Colour colourless
Consumption 0,2 l/m2