VARMSEN - systemy izolacji do budowy kominka


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Why use Varmsen® system

  • 2 in 1 versatility – the only structural and insulation board on the market
  • High quality – the best technical parameters in the market, high maximum exploitation temperature.
  • You may prepare a complete fireplace mantel, from assembly to finishing, using installation and finishing materials available in our offer
  • The product is environment friendly, which is confirmed by CE certification and the Certificate of National Institute of Hygiene
  • Wide selection of dimensions suitable for every fireplace and room
  • Heat conductivity coefficient comparable with polystyrene and mineral wool

VARMSEN® system provides the highest quality

VARMSEN® is a calcium silicate board which, due to its exceptional structural and insulating properties, is recommended and used by many fireplace producers in the entire Poland, which ensures high availability of our SYSTEM.

All our VARMSEN® System products feature own wear proportions – you may easily specify the amount of material you need to prepare a fireplace mantel and order all elements in one place.

VARMSEN® is committed to creating the highest quality products, therefore we invite you to learn more about our offer.