VARMSEN - systemy izolacji do budowy kominka



VARMSEN® calcium silicate board is used to construct fireplaces and provide insulation. It creates a light and rigid structure, and is easy to process using conventional carpentry tools. The board is mounted using ISOL GLU E+ glue and TD bolts. The board is a perfect insulator of high temperatures present inside a fireplace mantel, ensuring a safe temperature level on the outer side. It replaces a traditional solution based on gypsum cardboard and mineral wool. It is perfect for insulating wooden beams, side walls and walls behind fireplaces.

VARMSEN® fireplace board is a calcium gypsum insulating board of perfect insulating value, designed for applications in maximum temperatures of up to 1000 °C. VARMSEN® fireplace board is also a safe-supporting structural board of high strength parameters, designed for e.g. preparation of structural elements of a heating fireplace mantel. VARMSEN® fireplace board is also a safe and environment-friendly product as it is stringless. Due to the processes of surface hardening and autoclaving in the production phase, VARMSEN® fireplace board is dust-free.

VARMSEN® calcium silicate board, due to its properties, provides perfect insulation for any devices associated with combustion or high temperatures, such as: furnaces, ovens, boilers, pit furnaces, network regenerators etc. Due to high resistance to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, VARMSEN® calcium silicate board may be used in furnaces with reducing atmosphere. No decomposition of carbon deposit was found after exposure to CO in the temperature of 450°C for 200 hours. VARMSEN® boards may also be used as a support insulation for any fireproof structures – dense chamotte bricks, insulating fire-resistant bricks, cast products, fireproof plastics etc.

Fire rating (EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 A1 - non-flammable
Max. exploitation temperature 1000 °C
Density (EN 1094-4) 225 kg/m3
Compressive strength (EN 1094-5:1995) 2,8 MPa
Bending tensile strength (EN 993-6:1995) 1,4 MPa
Specific heat capacity 0.84 kJ/(kg x k)
Thermal expansion coefficient 5,5x10to -6 K to -1
Thermal conductivity (ASTM C-182) for 200 °C 0.08 W/(m x K)
for 400 °C 0.10 W/(m x K)
for 600 °C 0.12 W/ (m x K)
Typical chemical composition SiO2 (45%), CaO (45%), LOI (8%)
Colour grey