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VARMSEN® FILLER Painter's putty

This is a ready-to-use, white homogeneous mineral mass intended for application on VARMSEN® fireplace boards, as well as in room interiors. The product is intended for preparation of surfaces of walls on a fireplace for painting. Suitable for the majority of internal dispersive paints available on the market. It allows to achieve a flexible and easy to grind surface that has a perfect smoothness of high water vapour permeability. The mass should be applied using a trowel.

Technical parameters

Composition Cement, calcium, mineral fillers, enhancing additives
Density ca. 1,85 g/cm3
Surface moisture absorption coefficient 0,117 kg/m2h0,5
Relative diffusion resistance Sd 0,477 m
Application temperature +5°C do + 250°C
Colour white
Consumption 1 kg/m2