VARMSEN - systemy izolacji do budowy kominka



VARMSEN® calcium silicate board is used to construct fireplaces and provide insulation. It creates a light and rigid structure, and is easy to process using conventional carpentry tools. The board is mounted using ISOL GLU E+ glue and TD bolts. The board is a perfect insulator of high temperatures present inside a fireplace mantel, ensuring a safe temperature level on the outer side. It replaces a traditional solution based on gypsum cardboard and mineral wool. It is perfect for insulating wooden beams, side walls and walls behind fireplaces.

VARMSEN® fireplace board is a calcium gypsum insulating board of perfect insulating value, designed for applications in maximum temperatures of up to 1000 °C. VARMSEN® fireplace board is also a safe-supporting structural board of high strength parameters, designed for e.g. preparation of structural elements of a heating fireplace mantel. VARMSEN® fireplace board is also a safe and environment-friendly product as it is stringless. Due to the processes of surface hardening and autoclaving in the production phase, VARMSEN® fireplace board is dust-free.

VARMSEN® calcium silicate board, due to its properties, provides perfect insulation for any devices associated with combustion or high temperatures, such as: furnaces, ovens, boilers, pit furnaces, network regenerators etc. Due to high resistance to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, VARMSEN® calcium silicate board may be used in furnaces with reducing atmosphere. No decomposition of carbon deposit was found after exposure to CO in the temperature of 450°C for 200 hours. VARMSEN® boards may also be used as a support insulation for any fireproof structures – dense chamotte bricks, insulating fire-resistant bricks, cast products, fireproof plastics etc.

Fire rating (EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 A1 - non-flammable
Max. exploitation temperature 1000 °C
Density (EN 1094-4) 225 kg/m3
Compressive strength (EN 1094-5:1995) 2,8 MPa
Bending tensile strength (EN 993-6:1995) 1,4 MPa
Specific heat capacity 0.84 kJ/(kg x k)
Thermal expansion coefficient 5,5x10to -6 K to -1
Thermal conductivity (ASTM C-182) for 200 °C 0.08 W/(m x K)
for 400 °C 0.10 W/(m x K)
for 600 °C 0.12 W/ (m x K)
Typical chemical composition SiO2 (45%), CaO (45%), LOI (8%)
Colour grey

Adhesive mortar for VARMSEN® fireplace boards features high efficiency, high water vapour permeability, high adhesion to the substrate and VARMSEN® board, as well as it can be easily processed and provides optimum physical properties. It is not suitable for installation of mesh reinforcement. It is delivered in a form of dry powder mix, ready to use after mixing with water.

Technical parameters

Chemical composition Potassium glass, silicone agent, water
Bulk density approx. 1,85 g/cm3
Coating thickness 3 – 5 mm
Application temperature +7°C to + 250°C
Colour colourless
Consumption 4,0 – 5,0 kg/m2

The IMPREGNANT for VARMSEN® fireplace boards is based on sodium silicate and micro-silica. It is intended for impregnation of VARMSEN® boards surface adhered using ISOL GLU E+ glue in order to increase their adhesion.

Technical parameters

Chemical composition Na2O, SiO2
Physical state fluid
Max. application temp 1 150 °C
Fire rating A1 – non-flammable product
Toxicity non-toxic
Colour colourless
Odour odourless
pH 12

ISOL GLU E+ system glue is a ready-to-use mass based on sodium silicate and non-organic solvents. It is intended for gluing VARMSEN® fireplace boards.

Technical parameters

Chemical composition Na2O, Al2O3, SiO2
Physical state ready-to-use mass
Density 180 kg/m3
Max. application temp. 1 050 °C
Fire rating non-flammable product
Toxicity nnon-toxic
Colour beige
Odour odourless
pH 9-12

TDM dowel made of steel covered with aluminium and zinc coating. It is made of disc of 35 mm diameter and a cut, springy bushing. It is intended to install fireplace boards to substrates such as: concrete, gas concrete, solid brick walls and walls with empty space. Openings for TDM dowels should be made using 8mm diameter drill appropriate for the substrate.

Name Length (mm) Number of units
in a package
TDM dowels

90 10
90 100
110 10
110 100
140 10
140 100

Ready to use. Intended as a primer that improves adherence to VARMSEN® fireplace board and for further layers of the system. May also be applied to typical construction substrates only if direct contact between the preparation and mineral components of the substrate is possible. The primer does not contain solvents and reinforces VARMSEN® fireplace board and further layers of the system, as well as equalises their absorbency. It features high water vapour permeability. It restricts the production of efflorescence.

Technical parameters

Chemical composition Potassium glass, silicone agent, water
Bulk density approx. 1,30 g/cm3
Application temperature +50°C do +250°C
Colour colourless
Consumption 0,2 l/m2

This is a ready-to-use, white homogeneous mineral mass intended for application on VARMSEN® fireplace boards, as well as in room interiors. The product is intended for preparation of surfaces of walls on a fireplace for painting. Suitable for the majority of internal dispersive paints available on the market. It allows to achieve a flexible and easy to grind surface that has a perfect smoothness of high water vapour permeability. The mass should be applied using a trowel.

Technical parameters

Composition Cement, calcium, mineral fillers, enhancing additives
Density ca. 1,85 g/cm3
Surface moisture absorption coefficient 0,117 kg/m2h0,5
Relative diffusion resistance Sd 0,477 m
Application temperature +5°C do + 250°C
Colour white
Consumption 1 kg/m2